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2010-02-08 - New York Times
10 Unsung Collaboration Tools — Many of Them Free
e-tipi incorporates elements of Twitter, Digg, wikis and blogs to create a shared workspace through which ideas are fleshed out. Each user page is called a tipi, and it contains various ideas submitted by the tipi’s users. You can export data to HTML for sharing on web pages, too. You can watch a demo here, and free accounts are available. More info

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e-tipi - Idea Management - Ideation Campaigns
Idea Management - Ideation Campaigns
e-tipi - Communities animation, Social Learning
Communities animation, Social Learning
e-tipi - Collaborative Thinking - BrainStorming - Challenge Storming
Collaborative Thinking - BrainStorming - Challenge Storming
e-tipi - Innovation Management
Innovation Management

e-tipi * is a web-based Collaborative Thinking Platform, built to offer companies an enterprise-class idea management solution at an affordable price.

  • Community management
  • Social Learning
  • Idea management, ideation campaign
  • Brainstorming, challenge storming
  • Innovation management

Ideas are priceless. You need a place to collect them, to store them
and to manage them. But raw ideas provide little value. You have to pursue, improve and modify the ideas if you want to profit from their intrinsic value.

e-tipi - screenshot

e-tipi provides this ideal frame to animate your communities and improve collective knowledge.

* e-tipi is the phonetic acronym of Espresso Thinking Platform.
We believe that the act of sharing an espresso in a pleasant café creates an ambience that frees minds and sparks ideas. This is what we call Espresso Thinking. We'd be more than happy if e-tipi became your regular café.

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  • Twitter: @etipi
e-tipi is a service provided by myLittleTools